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About Us

Our Background

INTERLOJIK Limited (INTERLOJIK®), is a privately owned, UK company, established in 2002. Our founding directors come from an IT & international broadcast media background, and decided to form their own company after working for years with various domain registration & hosting providers, but failing to find one that could meet their needs. Their needs were not particularly sophisticated. All they sought was reliability and high availability with an end-to-end Service Level Agreement (SLA) spanning DNS to hosting, and a "human" point of contact if required.

Due to the requirements for high-availability online media, it was, for example, paramount that a website and audio stream for a radio station dependent on advertising revenue and listener reach would be available and working 24 hours-a-day, as opposed to suffering a failure at the weekend and not being investigated until Monday morning. And thus, INTERLOJIK® was born...

Our Services

Our servers are located in worldwide data centers with 24/7 technical staff trained to deal with any eventuality. Even with high availability systems and Service Level Agreements in place with all our providers, we recognise that hardware faults and outages can and will occur, regardless of human effort. For this reason, we ensure that all web hosting, database and e-mail servers are backed up every night, to separate storage units. Should a major failure occur resulting in an irretrievable loss of data, the previous nights back up are immediately retrieved and placed on standby systems.

We only provide services on infrastructure with bandwidth and system resources dedicated to us. We do not charge data transfer fees, thus ensuring our clients are able to operate comfortably with fixed budgets. We do operate a fair use policy, but firmly believe that our clients success is our success too. All we ask is that if clients think they are likely to have a higher than average bandwidth or load requirement, that they please contact us to ensure we host services on suitable infrastructure, or with bandwidth allocated to the appropriate geographic area.

If our monitoring systems indicate abnormally high resource usage, (more often than not a sign of a successful client advertising campaign), we will contact clients to discuss the issue, but will not "punish" clients by throttling or suspending services unless there is a clear risk to other INTERLOJIK® clients. Our primary aim is to ensure business continuity and reliability to all our clients, at all times, so we constantly monitor our systems to ensure that we have enough headroom to cope with reasonable traffic or load bursts.

For DNS services, (the lookup of domains names to server IP addresses), INTERLOJIK® only operates on systems that are geographically redundant (as recommended in RFC 2182). Thus, if an outage were to occur in one location, services would seamlessly keep running via the alternate locations. Surprisingly, not all providers operate in this way, and was one of the reasons INTERLOJIK® was first formed.

Our Website

At INTERLOJIK®, we like to keep things simple, so our website is designed to be quick and easy to use. Clients may check the availability of popular domain names prior to registration and select the products and services via our secure Client Admin system. We do recommend that if clients are looking to register international or bulk domains, or are looking for a fully managed service, that you contact us directly to discuss your needs.

As with most providers, INTERLOJIK® also operates automated systems, but also believes in a personal touch, and building relationships with clients. To put it simply, the better we can understand you and you business needs, the better service we can provide to you.

Technical Support

All clients are automatically subscribed to our standard (bronze) support service. This provides Monday-Friday, 0900-1700 GMT, technical support. We also offer Silver and Gold packages aimed at mission critical service and large scale users. For more information on our range of support services, please click here.

Knowledge Base:

Within the Online Support System is a Knowledge Base containing answers to the most commonly received queries. Before logging a support ticket, please take a look, since many customers come to us with the same or similar questions, of which we try to put the most common ones, (and their solutions), into this section for easy access.


All network, server and datacentre facilities are monitored 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week. In the event of an anomaly or error, a Systems Administrator is immediately alerted.

Additionally, our automated monitoring systems constantly check the status of specific client services and websites, and automatically generate alerts if any issues are detected. INTERLOJIK® is able to extend E-mail & SMS alerts to clients, if required. Please contact us for more information.


whether you are a business or an individual looking to register and manage your Internet domain or having a website designed or hosted, we look forward to helping you and providing you with a reliable, resilient, scalable and cost-effective service.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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